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Paint Booth Facts: We walk you through the purchase process to help get the Spray Booth you need.

The name says it all: this is where you can find out what you need to know before you buy a paint booth for your shop or manufacturing plant. We've got the basics on features, sizing, types of airflow, how to choose a dealer, and pricing.

We don't sell paint booths. We can point you to some leading spray booth manufacturers if you're interested in finding out more about a particular brand. Or, we can connect you to multiple paint booth dealers in your area who will compete for your business.

Then you can choose to speak with one of our Purchasing Advisors who can walk you through the process and handle any issues or questions that arise. Our Advisors provide these services and more:

Before you're ready to buy, though, arm yourself with the facts. Knowing what you want in a paint booth makes you a better negotiator when you meet with suppliers.

Types of Booths

Learn the difference between crossflow and downdraft booths, and when an air makeup unit is important

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Paint Booth Basics

Take some time to think through these basic questions before starting to shop for a spray booth.

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Choosing a Dealer

Buying a spray booth isn't as simple as choosing the lowest price – you need to evaluate the dealers, as well.

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Pricing Information

Paint booths aren't cheap, but knowing how much to spend can help you evaluate bids and make the right decision.

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Once you know what you need, you're ready to talk to dealers – but don't agree to anything on the spot. The best way to get a good deal is get price estimates in writing from multiple suppliers. This lets you sit down with all the estimates and compare them carefully, looking for any expenses that may be omitted from some estimates but included in others.

Having multiple bids also provides a sort of sanity check. If one bid comes in at $5,000 when the rest are at $10,000 to $13,000, chances are that the low bid is missing something important. Similarly, if the one outlying bid is $20,000, chances are that they're selling you more than you need.

Uses of spray booths

Some are common, others less so, but there are a wide range of uses for spray booths:

Whatever you need is, Paint Booth Facts can help you understand more about booths and how to get the right one for your business.