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Deciding What You Need

The next step in buying a paint booth is analyzing your situation. There are a couple of important facts about your business to consider:

What do you need the booth to do?
Spray booths can server two main purposes: collecting overspray or fumes to keep them out of the shop atmosphere, and filtering incoming air to protect finishes during spray painting. Decide which is more important to you – or if they're both essential.

Automotive painting, for example, requires highly filtered air to prevent blemishes in the finish. Industrial coatings may be hazardous but the final products may be more tolerant of minor blemishes, so collecting and venting fumes is more important.

How much space do you have and need?
The physical size of the booth is another basic consideration. There are two main factors: the booth has to be big enough on the inside to hold the products you're working on and provide space for workers and their tools to move around safely and easily.

The external dimensions of your paint booth are constrained by the available space in your shop, plant, or warehouse. When talking with suppliers about external dimensions, check and double check the space if there's any question about clearances. If it's close at all, having a rep from the supplier come out to your location to measure for themselves can help avoid any problems down the line.

What extra features do you need?
These features range from nice to have to essential, depending the work you need to do in your booth. Because they'll all add to your final cost, try to stay focused on those that really matter to your business.